CSM College Store Electronics Trade-In Program
Trade in your used electronic devices to earn instant savings towards a new purchase at the CSM College Store. We will buy back your working or defective iPhones, iPads, iPods, and gaming systems if they have value. If your device does not have value we will recycle it for free.
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Why Choose Trade It In?
  • Trade It In is an established and respected leader in refurbishing and repairing mobility devices
  • We purchase devices in every condition
  • Our team is always evaluating the competition so our customers are getting the BEST values
  • Hundreds of devices available for trade-in...and growing!
  • Three full-service distribution facilities in Chicago IL, Toronto CA and Santo Domingo DR for faster service
  • We make sure our customers' personal data is removed from all devices
  • We recycle devices in a way that is best for the environment